Teen Classes

Teen Classes for ages 12 to 17 :


For Vedic culture and thoughts to continue, it is imperative

that children are taught reason based understanding of the

Vedic culture. Today’s environment is such that children are

bombarded by too much Avidya (false education) and it is our

responsibility to give them a foundation based on intellect on

our culture and scriptures. This class is for teens and

above with topics that allow children to think on their own.

The class is conducted in a open discussion environment to

ensure the teens grasp the concepts.

Please tell your friends about this class that we give reason based understanding

of our Vedic rituals, scriptures and why it benefits us to do spiritual activites.

Gunvant Dahyabhai Mistry, Teacher

For ages 12 to 17

Class starts on 8th of January, and meets every Sunday at 10:30 pm in the Community Hall.

Place: Community Hall

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