Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes Offered in 2015 – Preeti Bhat

Preeti Bhat started her yoga journey as a teen ager in 1998 when she discovered its power in helping her get rid of frequent cold and cough without the use of medicines. Preeti has trained in Yoga under various Masters all specializing in various forms and traditions. She has done her final Teacher Certification in Hatha Yoga under Guru Mata Sneh Gangohotra who heads the Yoga Topics School in Mumbai. Preeti has done her Reiki Master Certification from Mikao Usai School of Healing based in Ahmedabad and led by Guru Nanak Virlani.

Over the years Preeti has taught several students in Mumbai, Seattle, California and Austin and mentored various to-be teachers towards achieving their certification. Preeti has also been a corporate trainer and has used her knowledge of Yoga, Reiki and NLP to build confidence in youngsters and senior professionals including select Leaders at CXO Level.

Preeti has also been engaged with the Art of Living, Girls Scouts Seattle, and various Beauty Schools as a Yoga and Reiki Facilitator. Preeti firmly believes in evolving through Yoga into a better family person, leader and most importantly human being i.e. from ‘conscious to conscience’.

Preeti specializes in Yoga for Women and Yoga for children, whether it is pre-natal, post-partum, maturity, bones health, breathing, facial yoga etc. For children Preeti under the guidance of her guru has developed and conducted sessions for eyes, bones, height, breathing, concentration and holistic awareness. Preeti does training sessions on Reiki I, Reiki II, Chakra Meditation, awakening of the third eye power.

From a very young age Preeti has contributed articles for spiritual and other publications like Divine Spark and ASTD which have focused on mindfulness, spiritual insightfulness, leadership and entrepreneurship. Preeti is devoted to causes that will help make the world a better and happier place to live in. As such Preeti has been a part of various social entrepreneurship based ventures. Preeti’s work has involved her with beauty treatments which are natural and she is constantly working on developing formulations which enhance beauty and health. Preeti facilitates management and mindfulness courses at various schools, colleges and corporates across India and the USA


General classes – all ages (Saturdays, 10am):

Asanas and Pranayama for:

Focus on toning of joints, muscles and ligaments

Regulation of blood circulation

Focus on reducing weight and weight related ailments

Regulation of menstrual cycle

Nourishing of hair, nails, eyes and bones

For athletes, dancers building of body stamina

Enhancing mind power for better focus, building intuition and creative insights

Includes Surya namaskar, Chandra namaskar and Chakra meditation

Who can attend: All are welcome, for enquiry on individual cases call 206 307 4077

When: every Saturday at Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Meditation Hall

Saturday: 10 AM, Class  starts Jan 17, Registration LINK

Prenatal yoga with Preeti

Asanas for:

Toning of back, joints and muscles

Keeping the entire body mobile and toned

Increasing appetite

Increasing chances of normal delivery

Pranayama for:

Reducing stress and tension

Focus on relaxation and calming

Reducing chances of colds and coughs

Reducing nausea and morning sickness

Meditation and Mudras:

Healing of chakras and overall wellbeing of self and the baby

Who can attend: all expecting mothers, for enquiry on individual cases call 206 307 4077

When: every Monday at 2 PM in the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Meditation Hall

Postnatal yoga with Preeti

Asanas for:

For toning and massage of body joints and muscles

For increasing blood circulation

For weight regulation

For reducing hair fall

Pranayama for:

Reducing anxiety and feelings of depression

For increasing energy levels

For balancing of the Nadis

Meditation and Mudras for:

For healing of the chakras

For overall wellbeing of self, baby and family

Who can attend: All mothers who have delivered within the last 6 months.
For enquiry on individual cases call 206 307 4077

When: every Monday at 2 PM in the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Meditation Hall
Class starts Jan 19, 2015, REGISTRATION LINK