Diwali Mela – Rangoli Art Winner

Announcing our Rangoli Artists that sent us their amazing Rangoli Art – Congratulations to Manasi B for sharing with us your art & talent!!

My name is Manasi B. I am a mom and a Chess Coach. Being a Rangoli enthusiast, I want to further develop my Rangoli drawing skill. My Rangoli is a Deepavali Rangoli design with diyas and lotus flower light. It is made up of colored sand. This is a 100% purely hand-made Rangoli with no Rangoli tools used(not even filler). I have tried to incorporate the latest color trends and tried to showcase our evergreen art of Rangoli. Hope you all enjoyed seeing it as much I enjoyed making it! A very happy and prosperous Deepavali to one and all.
||Sarveh janaha sukhino bhavantu||

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Announcing our Rangoli Artists that sent us their amazing Rangoli Art – Congratulations to Shubhada for sharing with us your art & talent!!

Shubhada Kore (Gatare) originally from Sangli, Maharashtra and now living in Austin. Although I am from science background, “art” is my passion. In my free time I explore different kinds of “art” which also works as a stress reliever for me.
About my rangoli art:
I want to dedicate my rangoli art to all the victims of hatred in the whole world, especially Las Vegas victims which was one of the worst mass shooting in American history, happened earlier this month. In the world full of hatred and violence, peace can be achieved only by love and care. Let’s celebrate Diwali by lighting diyas of love to remove darkness of hatred from our beautiful planet.
In my rangoli, I have used orange color for sky which offers emotional strength in difficult times. It is very optimistic and uplifting color which helps us to bounce back from grief. Seven human figures symbolically used to show seven continents which are coming together to save our planet earth from hatred. The colors of rainbow, white doves & the olive branch symbolizes peace.
I have used Warli art style which is a tribal art from India, with different colored rangolis on the background of a poster board.

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