Bala Vikas Classes for Kids

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Fall 2018
Sep 9 Sep 16
Sep 23 Sep 30
Oct 7 Oct 14
Oct 21 Oct 28
Nov 4 Nov 11 Thanks Giving Break Nov 12 – Dec 1
Dec 2 Dec 9
Dec 16 Special Event for kids
Spring 2019
Jan 12 Jan 20
Jan 27 Feb 3
Feb 10 Feb 17
Feb 24 Mar 3
Mar 10 Break Spring Break Mar 11 – Mar 30
Break Mar 31
Apr 7 April 14
April 21 April 28
May 5 May 12
May 19 Special Event for kids

Please submit child information first (step 1),  and payment (step 2).

Steps for registration (2 steps):
1. Fill in and submit the registration form – REGISTRATION LINK.
2. Make payment after submitting registration form –  PAYMENT LINK
Both steps are required for completing the registration.
Thank you for your interest in Bala Vikas for your child.  The goal is to teach moral and cultural values to our kids.

If questions on Bala Vikas registration, please contact KISHOR.


Age Group Curriculum
Four-Year-Olds Stories of Gods/Festivals, Panchatantra and Basic Slokas
Five-Year-Olds Bhagavatam (Sree Krishna Leelas), Daily Slokas and Puzzles
Six-Year-Olds Dasa Avataras, Lingastakma, and Puzzles
Seven and Eight-Year-Olds Ramayana, Achyutastakam, and Puzzles
Nine and Above (Arjuna Batch) Mahabharata Continued for returning students from last semester & Astalakshmi Stotram
Nine and Above (Krishna Batch) Lives of Saints, About the Temples, Benefits of Visiting Temples for new students & Astalakshmi Stotram

For Class Materials – BALAVIKAS 2018 – 2019

Bal Vikas has two batches, which meet on alternate Sundays, starting on Sep 9 & 16, 2018 from
10:15 am – 11:55 am, followed by lunch prasad.  
Bal Vikas starts precisely at 10:15 AM with group practice of Yoga/Surya Namaskar taught by a qualified yoga instructor.  At 10:30, children break into groups by age.  Children can start at four years of age, and usually graduate out of Bal Vikas by age 11 or 12, when they may join the Teen Class.  The class begins with a short Aum Meditation, then a story is read.  In 2018-2019, students will study stories from the gem of Veda Vyasa, the Mahabharata.  After reading the story, students discuss the story and its relevance to their life.  Then a Sanskrit sloka is learned. (Many grandparents in India listen with great delight as young children repeat slokas over the phone!)  Then, depending on age group, a word puzzle or crayon drawing is done by each student.  This concludes the class by age group; finally all age groups meet together to answer questions about the lesson, and then to perform a short Baba Aarati together.  Finally, a snack is distributed and class ends by 12:00 Noon.
The purpose of the classes is to BUILD CHARACTER, learn Human Values, and basic Hindu Principles.

Bal Vikas classes are designed to give the child the moral values to face life.  The most important quality to build in a child is CHARACTER.  Through the telling of stories and group discussions, the child learns the subtle differences between right and wrong, and good and bad.  The lessons learned and the habits developed through Bal Vikas help a child navigate the treacherous waters of life not just as a  youth, but for their whole lifetime.