Special Mahalakshmi Homam at 10 a.m.

  • Venue:
    Temple Homa Kunda
  • Start:
    August 25, 2019 10:00 am
  • End:
    August 25, 2019 12:00 pm

10:00 AM

A special Mahalakshmi homam will be performed this Saturday at the SaiTemple Homa Kunda. Goddess Mahalskhmi is worshipped as the giver of material prosperity. Goddess Mahalakshmi will be invoked, and offerings made to Her, during the homa. Lakshmi symbolizes wealth of all kinds. She signifies monetary wealth, wealth of good children, richness in food and grains, richness of valor, richness victory, richness in eminence and influence, wealth of knowledge. The homa is beneficial to anyone who is seeking blessings from Lakshmi Devi for success in their financial endeavors and everyday martial life.

To Sponsor Mahalakshmi Homa – MAHALAKSHMI

vande padmakarAm prasanna-vadanAm saubhAgyadAm bhAgyadAm
hastAbhyAm abhayapradAm maNigaNairnAnAvidhirbhUShitAm |
bhaktAbhIShTa-phalapradAm hari-hara-bhrahmAdibhiH sevitAm
pArshve pa~nkaja-sha~Nkha-padma-nidhibhir-yuktAm sadA shaktibhiH|
I bow to the one who has lotus in her hand, has a pleasant happy face, who gives good fortune and destiny, gives refuge (fearlessness) with her hand (posture), who is adorned with lots of gems and other ways, who gives the very much desired fruits to teh devotees, is attended upon by viShNu, shiva, brahmA and others, behind whom are lotus, conch and other opulence and who is always with power.