MAHARUDRAM: November 16-17, 2019

  • Venue:
    Sri Venkateswara Temple
  • Start:
    November 16, 2019 9:30 am
  • End:
    November 17, 2019 8:30 pm

SAT NOV 16 – SUN NOV 17 
The temple plans to conduct Mahrudram during the auspicious month of Karthika . The Sri Rudram will be chanted a total of 1331 times followed by Dasamsa  Rudra Homam. It is considered one of the highest form of community worship, performed for the welfare of mankind, washing away all sins and afflictions, to bring about peace and prosperity.
To have your name included in the sankalpam, please use the link MAHARUDRAM
Sri Rudram is a hymn that occurs in the Krishna Yajur veda and consists of Namakam and Chamakam. It is offered to the Supreme, visualized as Rudra (Fierce form) or Shiva (the Auspicious form), whose energy is said to permeate every speck of space, every unit of time, every particle of creation.
The Namakam elucidates that it is the Lord who pervades the cosmos, as sunshine and fire, as air and water, the Earth and her inhabitants – the  green foliage, mountains, caves, rivers, fertile lands, thorny forests. It is again the Lord who dwells in the vice and the virtuous, cause of good health and knowledge, death and thereby liberation. He is said to be the primordial cause and its subsequent effect.
The chamakam enlists all that one can possibly seek from the Divine. The list of 347 entreaties defines the highest degree of desires to be asked and to be granted. A complete understanding will tell us that there is nothing more to pray for than what is asked in the Chamakam. Again the application is on behalf of humanity and never for the individual seeker.