Recent Charity 2013


Special Charity for August 2013


oldage_home560pxOld Age Home

Swamini Lalitananda runs an old age home not too far from our Veda Patasala in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The home takes in the old, infirm, and dying, people who sometimes have nowhere to go. In August, the Temple is passing on $501 donated to her home to help pay for feeding of the residents (annadanam). You can read about some of her charities at

photo2634Texas Baptist Children’s Home

$251 in groceries are being donated to the Texas Baptist Children’s Home. The local home provides temporary shelter to children of families in emergency. Your donations are feeding these children! Visit Texas Children’s Home.


vedic-school-300x225Veda Patasala in Kakinada

This school has sixty children who are studying to be Vedic priests or pundits. All room, board, and tuition are provided free to the students. This is a gift which keeps on giving, as the students learn a livelihood for the rest of their lives, and perpetuate the Vedic knowledge for future generations. See The school was founded by Saint Panduranga and Mahalakshmi Malyala, and Craig Sastry and Jill Yogini in 2000 and has about sixty students. This month the Temple is giving $501 in donations from devotees to sponsor food for the students.

Sandwich Seva

sandwich seva orginalEach Sunday morning, Temple devotees prepare 250 bag lunches for homeless persons staying at Salvation Army in downtown Austin. Families are welcome to come help between 8:30 am – 9:30 am.
SAIVA Seniors come every other Saturday to make sandwiches for the homeless. They are a treasured part of the Temple. Visit SANDWICH SEVA.

SS 3Feeding Devotees

During summer months, 400-600 people are served prasad each Thursday night! Most of this food is donated. The food is cooked by volunteers, and served by volunteers! They deserve a lot of thanks! Kitchen and paper supplies cost $1,000 a month or more, which comes from the generous donations of devotees. Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinner prasad is served, along with some lunch and dinner prasad on other days. Devotees are encouraged to bring fruit, flowers, and cooked prasad, as well as raisins and almonds for prasad, when they visit the Temple. All are offered to Baba and then shared with the devotees.
To donate to feed the hungry, visit: ANNADANAM. Giving is living!